Monday, December 6, 2010

Download of Free Registry Cleaner by Eusing

Registry cleaning programs are designed to remove all the garbage left behind from all the programs that you have installed and uninstalled in your Windows computer over the years.

Most uninstall programs do not remove absolutely everything when they are run. Unfortunately as more programs are installed and then removed from a Windows computer, the computer starts to slow down a bit. Some of this slowdown can be attributed to leftover entries in the registry that are taking up space and causing the registry to be larger than it should be, thus slowing the computer down.

Unfortunately in the last few years, you have probably been bombarded in one way or another by a so-called registry cleaner program that will install on your machine automatically from a trojan-type infection. The registry cleaner will remove this terrible infection if you just buy it and run it. Many times, these registry cleaners will show false information or pad their numbers by displaying the 200+ cookies you have stored on your computer

This type of hijacking of your computer system is one way virus writers make money. Many products on the Internet are sold via affiliate programs where individuals can signup and send visitors to a special link to purchase something. When a purchase is complete, the affiliate is paid a commission for the sale. Almost all of the products that hijack your computer are sold this way. This business model has given most registry cleaning programs a bad name since the only way to remove the items found is to purchase the program first.

Eusing Registry Cleaner

The Free Registry Cleaner by Eusing is absolutely free to use and will remove invalid items from the Windows registry. The only complaint is a nag screen asking you to register the program. Although the program is freeware, the company will accept donations.

The program does have a feature for backing up the Windows registry, which I would strongly suggest before running any Windows registry cleaner. However, since the program simply exports the registry as a .reg file, I would suggest setting a system restore point in Windows XP or Windows Vista before running the registry cleaner. You can learn how to set a restore point by visiting Microsoft's page on How to Backup and Restore the Windows Registry. I would suggest doing this any time you plan on making changes to the Windows registry with this program or any other program. Of the few complaints found on the web about Eusing's Registry Cleaner, most deal with registry items that were removed incorrectly. Although I have never experienced this, if you backup your registry beforehand or set a restore point, you can bring your computer back to the pre-removal state if something does go wrong.

I have used Ccleaner to remove items in the registry as well and I recommend it constantly, but the Eusing Registry cleaner does a more thorough job of finding leftover registry items and deleting them. Currently I use both programs regularly.

Where Can I Download Eusing Registry Cleaner?

Visit the website by clicking on the link below to download their free registry cleaner.

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