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Let You Create Cartoons and Avatars From Your Photos

Create Cartoon Avatars

Creating cartoons or avatars from one’s photos  is fun especially when you want to use them as profile pictures on various online services. Since adding effects to images is quite popular a number of websites providing this service have cropped up in recent times.

In this post we have compiled the most popular services that let you cartoonize your photos and create fancy avatars.


Top 15 Services To Create Cartoon Characters:

1. Meez

Meez is an online community that combines a social virtual world with social networking, gaming, and multimedia sharing while being a part of Meez Nation – an immersive virtual world where users can interact and express themselves by creating unique avatars and Meez rooms.

Here is an avatar doing a wave dance.

An avatar with customized hair style.
Create an avatar or Meez of your own and style it as you want using the elaborate styling options. Items can be selected for free or you can get them buy paying in Coinz, the currency for Meez’s virtual economy.
The avatars can be saved and exported to other social networks, virtual worlds, gaming sites, instant messaging platforms and mobile devices but you need to sign up to do so.
Visit Meez

2. Portrait Illustration Maker

Portrait Illustration Maker is a service which allows you to create character icons for free.
They can be used for personal or a business use, and are available for blogs and SNS – just follow a few simple rules. Abi-station also provides a few other options for you to create your avatar. They are –

· Twitter icon maker

· Portrait mail

· Otaku Avatar Maker

· Portrait Avatar Maker

Check out this service here.

3. Befunky

BeFunky is an awesome photo editor that simplifies the process of photo editing and effects for everyday people. You can use a number of incredible apps featuring hundreds of easy-to-use tools that don’t require any technical knowledge. Create cartoons from your photos using the Cartoonizer service.
Upload your photos to BeFunky for editing or use photos from sites like Flickr, FaceBook and Photo Bucket by specifying the url. You can use JPEG, GIF and PNG file formats.
Visit BeFunky.

4. Face Your Manga

Face Your Manga allows you to create an Avatar for yourself in an absolutely free, easy and quick way.

Get Your Avatar in few easy steps:

  • Customize the look of your Avatar
  • Enter your e-mail address
  • Receive the Avatar in your e-mail address.
You will be able to use it with the most common Instant Messaging Programs, on mobile phone, Forum, mySpace, Chat, Blog and wherever you want in the virtual world.
Visit Face Your Manga.

5. Simpsonize Yourself:

Create your own Simpsons like avatar customized with wide collection of eyes, noses, mouths, hairstyles and clothes available.


You can generate random characters and easily save your character a JPG image.
Create your Simpsons Avatar.

6. Yahoo Avatars:

Create your Yahoo avatar’s with detailed customization options. Choose your avatar’s hair, clothes, face, eyes, nose and just about everything else, get a different background, adopt a pet, etc — all with a few clicks.


Use your personalized Yahoo avatar on all your Yahoo! sites: Yahoo! 360 profile, IM, Email and Yahoo! games, movies, music engine, podcasts, etc. You can download or export your avatar for use it on web pages, blogs, email, mobile phones, and instant messaging programs.
Visit Yahoo Avatars.

7. WeeWorld

Create a character to represent you in the WeeWorld. You can use the avatars you create here on any social media profile as well.


The good thing is that they are really easy to create and can be exported to use elsewhere.
Visit Wee World

8. South Park Avatars

For the South Park fans, create your own South Park character using this service.


This avatar creator is provided by the Southpark studios themselves, so you would find a lot of options for creating South Park related avatars here.
Visit South Park Studios Avatar Creator.

9. Digimi

Digimi is a personalised 3D avatar generator that offers you elaborate customization options to create your own 3D avatar.


Create avatars from existing presets or start from scratch. Sign up to save your avatars and distribute directly within cross-platform games, virtual worlds, social communities and MMOs.
Visit Digimi to create your 3d Avatar.

10. DoppleMe

DoppleMe is another service that will let you create simple avatars in a jiffy.


You need to register to save your avatar. Registration also gives access to more items and expressions for your avatar.
Visit DoppleMe.

11. Cartoon Photo

Convert a photo to cartoon and make a caricature of yourself using


Just upload your portrait photo to the service and get a number of breathtaking face changes: face morphing, changing face expression and facial animation! You can apply realistic emotions to a face, make caricature effect and convert a comic face photo to cartoon for free.
Visit Cartoon Photos.

12. Joystiq Mii Characters

Create Mii characters to be used as avatars and use them anywhere.


Visit Joystiq Mii.

13. Custom South Parks

Can’t get enough of South Park? Here is more for you. Create custom South Park characters and share them.


This is another service that lets you create South Park avatars. This is just as good as the one mentioned above.
Visit Custom South Parks.

14. mEgo Avatars

Create a personalized Facebook avatar with custom backgrounds, animations and more with mEgo Avatars.


Give a makeover to your friends’ avatars, deck out your avatar with a wide variety of clothing and extras offered at mEgo shop. Your avatars can be posted to your social network pages, downloaded as PNGs and shared using available share tool.
Visit mEgo Avatars.

15. Evolver

Create animated 3D avatars dressed and designed to suit your dynamic style.


  • Model your avatar in 3D without downloading any software or plugins.
  • Start with a picture and create you or your friends.
  • Make money designing and selling you own custom avatars and clothing.
  • Share your avatars to 25+ online destinations.
  • Apply various animations to your avatar and choose from 20 different scenes to make your avatar come alive!
  • Export your avatar as a still JPG Image, an Animated GIF Image or a High quality FLV video.
  • Avatara – – another service that you can use to create 3D avatars, is a service powered by Evolver.
Visit Evolver


This is a simplest way to apply cartoon effects to your photos. Just upload the image you want or enter the URL of an online image.
Once the effect is applied you can download the image in JPG format.

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