Friday, July 30, 2010

Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus helps you resume downloads if the internet connection dropped, improves the download speed with up to %400 and has a built-in browser.

With up to 400% faster downloads! Includes rich set of download management features! Download DAP – now offered with SpeedBit Video Accelerator allowing you to watch videos smoothly! 
What's New in Download Accelerator Plus Final:

- Power channel for consistent downloading – Ensure more stable and reliable downloading
- Fully featured Firefox integration method – Take total control when downloading with Firefox
- Exclusive 64-bit Internet Explorer plug-in – Enjoy the full power of 64-bit systems and software

- DAP triggering from Gmail in IE
- Improvements when downloading files with Firefox
- Detecting filename correctly while downloading from Yahoo web mail
- Resume support is detected correctly
- Improved performance while using the Save as and Categorized download features
- Interface improvements to the Twitter integration
- Updated translations for several languages

Known Bugs:
- On rare occasions DAP will not restart automatically after changing languages, requiring a manual restart
- Some texts in non-English languages aren't displayed properly

Download Accelerator Plus Beta |10.47 Mb

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